Latest Full Turncraft Catalog

PDF  Product Catalog

Catalog Chapters

PDF  Architectural Chapter
PDF  PolyClassic FRP Chapter
PDF  DuraStone Chapter
PDF  DuraGlass Chapter
PDF  Craftsman Chapter
PDF  PolyClassic Posts Chapter
PDF  Colonial Chapter
PDF  PolyClassic Railing Chapter
PDF  Porch Posts Chapter

Poly-Classic FRP Columns 

PDF  Product Catalog Section
PDF  Poly-Classic FRP Specifications
PDF  TimeSaver Cap & Base
PDF  TimeSaver Railing Adapter Bracket
PDF  Poly-Classic Recessed SQ FRP Columns
PDF  New Builders Series Square FRP 8"
PDF  Installation Instructions ABS Cap & Base
PDF  General Installation Instructions
PDF  Ornamental Capital Installation
PDF  Attaching Railing to Poly-Classic Columns
PDF  Instructions for Reassembling Split Columns
PDF  Installing Split Columns as Pilasters
PDF  Tuscan 2pc E-Z Lock Cap & Base
PDF  Ornamental Cap Restoration Project
PDF  Test Results:Flame Guard
PDF  Load Capacity Information
PDF  Load Addendum
PDF  Warranty
PDF  MSDS PolyClassic

Poly-Classic Durastone Columns 

PDF  Product Catalog Section
PDF  Installation Instructions
PDF  Split Column Installation
PDF  Warranty
PDF  MSDS PolyClassic

Poly-Classic® Posts 

PDF  Product Catalog Section
PDF  Installation Instructions

Poly-Classic® FiberGlass Columns 

PDF    Product Catalog Section
PDF    DuraGlass Specifications
PDF    DuraGlass Installation Instructions PDF    DuraGlass Non-Tapered Structural Square Columns
PDF    New Bungalow Structural Columns
PDF    Installation Instructions for Bungalow Columns
PDF    New DuraGlass TimeSaver
PDF    Warranty
PDF    MSDS Polyclassic
PDF    New Fiberglass 30" Resin-Infused Columns
PDF    Installation Instructions for 30" Resin-Infused Columns
PDF    Installation Instructions for 30" Infused Split Columns

Poly-Classic® Craftsman Columns 

PDF    Product Catalog Section
PDF    Craftsman Series Specifications
PDF    Product Information
PDF    Tapered Install Instructions
PDF    Non-Tapered Install Instructions
PDF    Non-Tapered Post Wrap Install Instructions
PDF    Pedestal Install Instructions
PDF    Warranty
PDF    MSDS Craftsman Series

Wood Colonial Columns 

PDF    Product Catalog Section
PDF    Wood Colonial Specifications
PDF    Colonial Installation Instructions
PDF    Poly Cap & Base for Colonial
PDF    Installing Poly-Resin Capitals
PDF    Colonial Load Capacity Info
PDF    Warranty
PDF    MSDS Colonial Wood Dust
PDF    MSDS Colonial Poly Cap & Base

Architectural Columns 

PDF  Product Catalog with Specifications
PDF  Installation Instructions

Specifications by style:

PDF  Ornamental Capitals
PDF  #400 Greek Doric / #600 Tuscan
PDF  #800 Roman Doric / #900 Ionic
PDF  #1000 Corinthian
PDF  Installation Instructions
PDF  Warranty Redwood
PDF  Warranty Fingerjoint Pine

Poly-Classic® Railing Systems 


Original Composite Railing System

PDF    Composite Railing Catalog
PDF    Composite Railing Installation
PDF    Composite Railing Specifications
PDF    Composite Railing Warranty
PDF    MSDS Composite Railing


CWOhio Extruded Rail System

PDF    Extruded Railing System
PDF    Extruded Railing Installation
PDF    Extruded Railing Warranty

Wood Porch Posts 

PDF  Product Catalog Section
PDF  Porch Posts Specifications
PDF  Post Defense Chamfered Post
PDF  New Post Saver mounting blocks
PDF  Load Capacity Info
PDF  Warranty Information
PDF  Installation Instructions
PDF  MSDS Wood Porch Posts

CAD Drawings

PDF  Craftsman CAD Drawings DWG Files
PDF  Architectural Cad Drawings


PDF  Ohio In-Stock List
PDF  Simpson Strong-Tie Column Connectors
PDF  Oak Staircrafting Parts Catalog
PDF  Hemlock Staircrafting Parts Catalog